Promise, I'm not being a lazy punk these days ! Here are 4 pages of a 7 pages long comic I made to be published in Pamplemousse 3rd issue. It took me 2 days to do the pages, basically cuz the deadline was pretty tough. However, I'm always glad to work for Cambrousse, cuz I like the team (btw check out my buddy link list, where I linked to some of the other participants). I will not upload the remaning 3 pages, you'll have to buy the issue to get the stuff HERE . Scroll down, you'll be able to see the first 2 issues (in which some of my work is featured as well).

3 commentaires :

Jérémy a dit…

Nooon ne meurs pas!!!
Vilain matou!

Thomas a dit…

Dernière : très très très cool.

sitron a dit…

Y a du Donjon la dessous ! J'adore !